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Jinglies is Proud Sponsor Los Angeles Conference 2014

Jinglies is Proud Sponsor Los Angeles Conference 2014

Posted on 28th Jan 2014

Written by Vijay Harkishnani

Jinglies has earned an official Sponsorship with Instructor conference in Los Angeles in 2014

About Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness' whirlwind entrance into the fitness industry took everyone by surprise. In a few short years, Zumba Fitness has sold more than two million DVDs and made its presence known in thousands of facilities in more than 30 countries worldwide with more than 2,000 Zumba Fitness instructors. Alberto "Beto" Perez is the creative genius behind the fitness formula that has millions of people stunned at the changes in their bodies, minds, and lifestyles. Beto's innovative style caught the attention of entrepreneurs Alberto Perlman (CEO of Zumba Fitness) and Alberto Aghion (President and COO) who teamed up with Beto to create Zumba Fitness, LLC and launch the program worldwide. International exposure has stemmed from such branding initiatives as licensing and promotional deals with Fortune 500 Companies, such as Kellogs (NYSE: K), where Zumba has been featured on millions of cereal boxes in the US and Latin America.

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