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Hip Scarves

Hip Scarves

Get Your Hip Scarves from Jinglies

Are you sick and tired of belly dancing clothing that falls right off while you are dancing? I know I would be too, and that is why you need to buy high quality Hip scarves! You can buy the best and the prettiest scarves when you shop with Jinglies. You can buy them individually or by the dozen, it's your choice! Jinglies has plenty to offer, and is here to provide you with quality clothing and accessories to make life more fun!

3 Dozen Hip Scarves!

We have 3 dozen Hip scarves to choose from, which means that you will have plenty of styles and colors to choose from for your wardrobe. You can purchase them by the lot which means that when you do, to have plenty on hand, you pay just under $6 for each one. When you buy 3 dozen scarves you get free shipping, so you can automatically save when you order them this way.

Our scarves are for sale for all women who are seeking to buy them for their own personal workouts as well as those who desire to buy them in bulk. Jinglies is equipped to serve all those who enjoy dancing or doing Zumba for fitness. These comfortable scarves were made with you in mind! We believe that we can create these scarves to look hot, but we can also make them available to you at a fair price.

Variety of Hip Scarves

Those who are looking for something a little different will truly enjoy checking out our two-tone Hip scarves. You can enhance your Zumba dance workouts, get in shape with Pilates, or just focus on your belly dancing skills when you wear our colorful scarves. Whatever your workout program is, you will enjoy wearing what Jinglies has to offer you.

Did you know that Jinglies has animal prints too? Our animal prints and colorful designs are some of the hottest workout apparel on the market today. Lined with 160 coins you will understand how we got our name Jinglies! These scarves with coins are so lightweight that you won't even notice that you are wearing them unless you listen. While you are on the website, you will discover that we have scarves for kids as well, so we cater to a large audience!

What Hip Scarves Can do For You

Did you know that using Hip scarves is not only fashionable, but these scarves can do something for your inner being as well. These scarves are worn by women, and those who use them say that it changes how they feel and how they get into their dancing routines. Feeling like a woman is important to many women who are trying to keep up with the world around them, but ultimately dressing like a woman can change all of that.

Wearing our costumes, accessories and Hip scarvesis just one of the many ways that dancers indulge, so why not indulge with Jinglies? You can shop our scarves today at

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